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Spring Semester 
at our Thornhill and Edinburgh locations.

You get 10 classes from the day you sign up!

All materials and supplies are provided!


A place to learn, grow and relax.

Discover a fun and supportive Jewish environment with a guided step by step process for easy learning.


MiriamsArtSchool offers a broad range of artistic mediums for children, and youth.

Small group art classes for artists of all experience levels. Students can expect a fun, supportive and growing environment as well as an interactive and guided step by step learning process. Located in Thornhill and taught by a family of artists, the classes offer plenty of individual attention and guidance.


In this school, you will learn the fundamentals of art, color theory and the right process that will later help you paint on your own, as well as create beautiful artworks in-class and out!

All materials and supplies are provided!

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Girls in Painting Class

Join us at our studio. Where you will learn to grow in your art skills, connect Torah to art, and relax as you create :)


Classes are in person and held in 298 Mullen Dr. Thornhill Ontario

Painting, drawing and much more!

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Each group of artists will learn how to use different art techniques, mediums, and how to combine them in one art piece.

Groups range from different ages.

Girls Classes:

-4- 6 yrs - Sundays and Wednesdays

-7- 9 yrs - Sundays- Thursdays

-10- 14 yrs - Sundays, Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays

Boys Classes:

-3- 8 yrs - Sundays

Girls and Boys classes are held separate :)

-Calligraphy Services-

What is that?
-Calligraphy is a decorative handwriting or handwritten lettering. Great for adding an artistic touch to various invitations!
(Birthday/Wedding Envelopes)
Only providing calligraphy on invitation envelopes
Pink Envelopes
Outdoor Birthday Table

Paint Party!

Looking to bring painting to your child's birthday party?

Book us for an extraordinarily fun birthday paint party!

Or for any occasion :)

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